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What is Beirut Water Taxi?
Beirut Water Taxi is a private company offering transportation and recreation on Beirut Harbor. We offer three types of service:
1. Commuter Routes. Operating rush hours only, these routes provide a fast and comfortable way to get to work.  More info.
2. Hop-on/Hop-off. Operating from 11am to 8pm weekends only, this service provides a fun way to get around the city and a great way to see the sights.  1-Day and 2-Day unlimited passes are available, or you can buy a one-way ticket. More info.
3. Harbor Tours.  The best way to see the coastal cities of Lebanon  and skyline and more. More info.

I'm trying to get from A to B - how do I find the right schedule?
The best way is to look at our interactive map and click on the routes that go to your desired destination to find the operating hours. Remember that commuter services operate rush hours only, and the Hop-on/Hop-off service runs 11 am- 7:40 pm weekends. There is no commuter service on the West side of Manhattan.

Can I call a Water Taxi to pick me up?
No, Water Taxis operate on a set schedule.

Can I rent a Water Taxi for a private event?
Yes Please call Marie at 961 3 668445 ext ……..More info.

Are animals allowed on board?
Only Assisted Life Doges and Seeing Eye Dogs - no other animals are permitted.

Can you bring bikes on board?
Yes. The crew will help you fasten them to the rail on the front deck (they cannot be brought into the interior cabin).

Are the boats accessible to the handicapped?
All our boats are designed to be ADA accessible, as are all docks that we install. We also stop at public docks, however, so if you're not sure about whether you can board at a specific location, please call ahead and ask.  Wheelchairs do not have access to the top deck.

Can I bring food?
Yes, passengers may bring their own food and soft drinks.  No alcoholic beverages may be brought on board.

How do I buy tickets?
Most tickets (including Hop-on/Hop-off passes, commuter tickets and harbor tours) can be bought on the boat at the time of departure.  For harbor tours and special events, we recommend booking in advance, either by calling us at 961 3 668445 ext ………. with a credit card, or buying online through this website. Monthly passes for commuters must be purchased through the office at 961 3 668445 ext ………..

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes for groups of 20 or more. Please call 961 3 668445 ext …………… to book a group tour with us. 

Do you sell a monthly pass?
Monthly passes or 40-trip ticket books are available for our commuter services, and can be purchased through the office at 961 3 668445 ext ……...

Can I use my MetroCard?
Not at this time.

Do you allow smoking on the boats?
Beirut Water Taxi boats are smoke-free.

Does the service run all year long?
We run full service from the middle of April through the middle of January . In the winter months our commuter service continues to run, but Hop-on/Hop-off is suspended and harbor tours run on a reduced schedule.

What happens if the weather is bad?
Beirut Water Taxi vessels are safe in all conditions and include a climate-controlled interior cabin. Unless announced otherwise, services run rain or shine.

Are your boats good for the harbor?
Yes. Beirut Water Taxis are designed with low-wake hulls to minimize impact on aquatic life and employ state-of-the-art low-emission technology.  They are the most environmentally friendly boats in Beirut Harbor.

Does the service run on Holidays?
Yes.  On holidays when the Beirut Stock Exchange is open, we run our normal weekday schedule. If the Stock Exchange is closed, our commuter services do not run.  Click here to sign up for service updates, including holiday schedules.

How many passengers do the boats carry?
We have 74-passenger vessels and 149-passenger vessels.

Can I sit on the top deck?
Yes.  Coast Guard regulations limit the number of people on the top deck and seating there is first-come first-served, so be prepared to wait for a space on busy days.
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